Alicante City Guide

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Where to Go

Alicante's great location as well as its status as capital of the Alicante province gives the city a huge advantage: accessibility! Read more

What to See

You can't really understand a city without getting to know its various "barrios." From Alicante's old quarter, El Barrio, to the delightful Explanada de España... Read more

What to Do

Whether you're dining on a budget or up for a big splurge, Alicante has restaurants ideal for all tastes and bank accounts. Read more

Learn here about Alicante intricate yet compelling history.

Culture & the Arts

From fiery festivals to award-winning museums and jaw-dropping architecture, don't hesitate to get your feet wet- to discover all there is to see. Read more

Trips from Alicante

Why not prolong your stay in Alicante and take a trip? Read more

Alicante, the second most important city of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, is a heavenly seaside town with a magic charm to it: whether you want to spend a relaxed beach vacation, or want to go for a more cultural escape, Alicante offers the best of both worlds.

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