About Alicante Crossword


crossword blank 3
1. A regional dish which is a combination of salted tuna roe
2. One of the top cultural museums in Alicante with pieces from Dali
3. Known as the three kings festival that takes place in january (2 words)
6. One of the oldest towns that is known for its fortress appearance not too far from Alicante
7. The spanish name given for new years festival
8. Located where they are they have access to the freshest supply of this in great quantities
10. This area in Alicante once with a bad reputation has Mount Benacantil as one side (2 words)
4. A regional dance that still continue to this day (2 words)
5. The famous stretch that has gained its reputation from its 6.6 million tiles that create its unique appearance
9. One of the top beaches around Alicante to top up your tan
11. One of the charming cinemas scattered around Alicante
12. A beautiful park that is located just on top of the hill where you will find San Fernando castle (2 words)


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