Music in Alicante, Spain

traditional danceThe one thing that "alicantinos" like just as much as their beloved pyrotechnics is their music. The Valencian community, which counts Alicante amongst its members, is considered not only one of Spain's musical hot spots but has also garnered itself a strong reputation for musical innovation.

Mixing together elements plucked from the various cultures which once called Alicante home, adding in influences from neighboring Cataluña and Aragón, and finally adding their own finishing touches yields the distinct sounds of Alicante's traditional music. Regional music and dances- such as the Valencian jota and the fandango- were created and fine-tuned centuries ago and have yet to lose their popularity. Today, the traditional music manifests itself in the form of neighborhood brass bands, or "bandes," light operas otherwise known as "zarzuelas" and, of course, the music that fills the air during festivals.

Regional Dances:
-Jota Valenciana
-Fandango de Albaida
-El Ball del Danzants
-Los Alcides
-Los Bastonets
-Paloteo de Requena

While centuries-old traditional music still plays heavily into Alicante's music scene, the city definitely embraces pretty much anything with a good beat. From grunge to classical, from rock 'n' roll to reggae, and from jazz to pop, music is a fixture in Alicante's culture. With music festivals and live acts filling up the cultural calendar, just check to see what's going on at any of Alicante's music venues!