Why visit Alicante, Spain

hogueras de san juan

1. Hogueras de San Juan

Pyrotechnics is the name of the game for this fiery festival. Admire the elaborate and colorful masterpieces that artists and architects slave over for months on end- and then watch the spectacle as they burn in the night! Learn more about the fires, the festivities and the fun of Las Hogueras...

2. Explanada de España

Take a lazy stroll, sip a coffee at a terrace café, and revel in the views of the harbor along Alicante's prized Explanada de España. This emblematic promenade, composed of 6.6 million colorful marble tiles, attracts people of all walks of life who come to simply soak up the cheerful, easy-going atmosphere. No wonder it's one of Alicante's most beloved and characteristic landmarks! Learn more about the Explanada...

mediterranean food

3. Food

The freshest seafood, the most genuine paella, the tastiest turrones... Alicante's gastronomy is a delight for any palate. From modern and creative tapas to centuries-old Spanish classics, there are tons of specialties to try! Learn more about Alicante's food and restaurants...


4. Castillo de Santa Bárbara

Alicante's commanding medieval castle, the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, has spent centuries sprawled upon the rocky Mount Benacantil keeping watch for attacks, pirates, and merchant ships. As far as castles go, the Castillo de Santa Bárbara has it all- keeps, dungeons, look out towers, protective walls, and more. Plus, don't miss seeing the city's famed Capa Collection as well as the dazzling views of the city and sea below.


Forget about dusty pots and boring displays! Meshing the oldest of with the newest multimedia, Alicante's archaeological museum- MARQ- was voted Europe's best museum in 2004. Learn all about MARQ...

6. Location

Located directly upon Spain's Costa Blanca (White Coast), Alicante not only has wonderful beaches, but is also a great starting point for excursions. Hike in the mountains, sail the seas, explore the coastline's towns, and much more!


7. Tabarca

Ironically enough, one of Alicante's best features isn't even technically in Alicante! Take the short ferry ride to the island of Tabarca, the Valencian community's only inhabited island, and explore the stunning underwater flora and fauna of this natural marine reserve. Spend the day wandering through the quaint fishing village, laying on the beach, or snorkeling in its waters. Plus, the island boasts- not surprisingly- the freshest and most delicious seafood.

8. Weather

Warm, sunny days are abundant in Spain's appropriately nicknamed "City of the Sun." The weather is as close to heavenly as possible: summers don't get too hot, winters don't get too cold, and it doesn't rain more than 20 days a year! Learn more about Alicante's weather...

9. People

The sun, the sea, the atmosphere... it's no wonder Alicante's residents are notoriously happy! Friendly, welcoming, and experts at enjoying life, you're sure to catch the infectious attitude of the 300,000 "alicantinos!"

10. Nightlife

Alicante has the formula down to a science: relax during the day and go out full-steam at night! With tons of atmospheric taverns, energetic cocktail bars, frenetic "discotecas" and everything in between, don't be surprised if you stay out until the sun comes up! Learn more about Alicante's nightlife...