Your guide to Madrid

Home to the Spanish Royal family, Madrid has a surrounding essense of energy. Rich with artistic displays and cultural influence you will certainly find yourself running out time with so much to do.

Time to Explore
To get from Alicante to Madrid it will only take a few hours, Madrid has you spoilt for choice with activities. The prestigious museums such as Museo del Prado featuring Francisco Goya's finest work including The Second of May 1808. Also at hand is the Reina Sofia and Thyssen Bornemisza,

Taste for the Art
If you just want a day of rest and relaxation then you have several beautiful parks scattered around to kick back and admire the scenery. For example check out Parque Del Retiro (Park of pleasant retreat) an absolutely stunning landscape with a unique twist on your run of the mill architecture such as Fuente del Angel Caido (Fallen Angel) is the depiction of Lucifer falling from heaven.

Hello Sports Fans!
For all you sport enthusiasts out there it goes without saying that the Santiago Bernabéu stadium home to Real Madrid FC is an essential stop off during your trip from Alicante to Madrid. Seating an electric 80,000 fans per game and hosting the Champions league final 2010 you can't be blamed for being on the edge of your seat picturing the stadium. Madrid is also home to top class bullfighting, it is an acquired taste described by some as an art, if that sounds like the kind of cultural experience for you, then head on down to Fiesta De San Isidro.

You know who you are, the word sale is music to your ears so depending on your budget here is a list of great markets to endulge your hobby. First on your list will be El Rastro, it is considered to be one of the biggest markets in europe (relax, theres more) Set yourself to scavange mode and pick yourself a bargain looking through the unique second hand treasures. Though as with many crowded areas be wary of your belongings its a pickpockets dream. For those looking for those all important souvenirs check out Santarrufina, it has all the religious memorabilia you need to show a devoted loved one that you care. For breathtaking detail and attractive porcelin be sure to visit Lladró, with figures representing periods of life and events important to you such as love, knowledge, life. Last but definately not least pass by El Flamenco Vive, it has everything surrounding one of Spain's most popular dances with guitars, jewellery and costumes for you to take the experience home.