Apartments in Alicante, Spain

hotel poolShort-term apartment rentals in Alicante are becoming more and more popular amongst tourists. Whether it be for a few days or a few weeks, consider the option of spreading out and settling in to your own fully-equipped apartment. You can cook your own food, do your own laundry and hey- you don't have to feel like you're living out of a suitcase! Prices tend to be comparable to those of a mid-range hotel, although depending on the time of year those prices can fluctuate around Alicante's big festivals like Las Hogueras.

If you're looking to rent an Alicante apartment for an extended period, take the time to search for the right place. After all, it's going to be your temporary home! Spending a couple nights in a hotel or hostel while you compare roommates, locations and prices isn't such a bad thing- in the long run you'll be happy you did! A single room in a shared apartment in the heart of Alicante typically ranges anywhere from €200-€300 per month. Also figure about €30-€50 in extra expenses (gas, electricity, etc.) unless the ad says "gastos incluidos." The price of a loft apartment will be signficantely higher, but of course is also an option.

To get yourself started on the apartment search, acquaint yourself with websites like, which let you search for all sorts of apartments and options: short-term, long-term, shared, individual, etc. Plus, check out our Alicante city guide to get better acquainted with the city and figure out just where you want to call home during your stay.