Your guide to Morella


Morella is one of the oldest inhabited towns in Spain and is unique due to its fortress structure that surrounds the quaint town. The walls still standing today serve as a testament to the the town's history.

Where to go
Morella is relatively modest with what it offers in comparison to some of the larger cities around Spain, though that doesnt mean it's at any loss of things to explore. Morella's castle is a good starting point. Host to several battles, it has seen several rebuilds that would even tire out a veteran house renovator. A fascinating tour will give you an insight into this Arab-built wonder.

The next place on the schedule would make anyone feel young in comparison: the Museo Tiempo de Dinosaurios. It boasts a detailed range of fossils from all the dinosaurs that once lived in the Morella area. If you're interested in the history of Morella then the Museo Tiempo de Historia is a great choice for you. It gives a detailed time line of all the interesting and important events that have occured in Morella. Just looking at the castle itself will spark your curiosity.

Finally, if you're looking for a bit of adventure and the Morella Castle hasn't filled that space then check out Els Ports. It's a great place for a hike or bike trip with some great scenery of this mountain passage.