Car Hire in Alicante

Hiring a car can often be the best way to get around offering convenient and comfortable travel with the freedom to go where and when you want. Renting a car in Alicante is especially useful for exploring the beautiful coastline which surrounds the city. rental car

Car hire in Alicante is easy to organise as there are so many different companies operating around the city. The majority have offices in the RENFE train station and at the main Airport but you will also find other offices conveniently located around the city. Booking via the internet is a hassle free and quick way to reserve your car and is also often the most economical.

Alicante Car Hire Companies

Estacion RENFE, Avenida de Salamanca1, Alicante 03003
Tel: +34 965122172

Avenida de Salamanca 6, Alicante 03003
Tal: +34 965121599

Estacion RENFE, Avenida de Salamanca 1, Alicante 03003
Tel: +34 965126258

Estacion RENFE, Avenida de Salamanca, Alicante 03303
Tel: +34 965982218

C/Bono Guarner 2, Alicante 03005

Estacion de RENFE, Avenida de Salamanca, Alicante 03303
Tel: +34 965122172

Aeropuerto El Altet, Alicante 03071
Tel: 807414243

Record Rent a Car
Aeropuerto El Altet, Alicante 03071
Tel: +34 964343626

Aeropuerto El Altet, Alicante 03071
Tel: +34 965687918

Spanish Driving Laws

Driving in a foreign country can be frightening and even the most confident drivers should take extra special care and ensure they abide by the Spanish driving laws.

The alcohol limit is also stricter than in some other countries with the law set at no more the 0.5mg alcohol/ millilitre of blood.

Speed limits in Spain must be adhered to or heavy fines may be payable so make sure you don't go over 120km/ hour on motorways, 90-100 km/hour on open roads and 50 km/hour in towns.

Always make sure you are ensured in your hire car to give yourself the upmost security whilst driving in Alicante and the rest of Spain.