Your guide to Alcoy Spain


Moors & Christians (Moros y Cristianos)
A visit to Alcoy Spain could be compared to a solar eclipse, as a lot of the time it stays the same but for that small period every so often something great happens. This rather strange comparison refers to the Moors and Christians festival that occurs in late April. Several cities will celebrate a similar festival during this time period but Alcoy's is the best of its kind.

What is the Moors and Christian festival you say? Well let's go into a little bit of detail. It follows the story of the battle between the Moors and the Christians during the Spanish Reconquest (8th - 15th century). The Moors originally take over the city of Valencia and then the Christians reclaim it and either the Moors are banished from Valencia or converted into Christians, depending on each town's variation.

A list of amateur actors will dress up in medieval-style clothing and Christians are equipped with their swords (Arquebuses) and Moors with their swords (Scimitars). Now that you know a little more it will have surely sparked interest in this traditional festival, an energetic performance that can go on for days.

Other great sights
When strolling around Alcoy, you will also notice Iberian influences scattered around. You may even see partial Greco Roman pottery. If the Moors and Christian festival wasn't enough then you can also check out the informative and colourful museum Casal De Sant Jordi, an 18th century mansion that is home to all that is involved in the festival. If you fancy taking it easy or perhaps even a swim then head on down to River Serpis. There's a delightful path to take an easy stroll and enjoy the charming scenery; you may even want to take advantage of the adjacent river with a swim.