Get to know Alicante Crossword


crossword alicante 1
1. A typical tapas found in Alicante
3. This is one of Alicante's oldest parks
4. An island a short ferry ride from Alicante
6. A form of paella that is cooked with squid in its own ink (2 words)
7. This is the name that the Greeks had given for Alicante (2 words)
2. A seaside town that is known for its beaches
5. One of the most popular sports played in Alicante
8. A popular jogging and hiking route around Alicante (2 words)
9. Alicante is situated half way between here (2 words)
10. A covention that allows entry to Spain for its members without visas
11. A traditional form of tapas that can be seen in Alicante


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