El Barrio, Alicante

el barrioIt's only logical that Alicante's most historical section, El Barrio, happens to be the heart and soul of the city's irresistible culture. The colorful façades, glazed tiles and flower-filled balconies of El Barrio, which dates back to Moorish times, create a beautiful background and an even more enchanting ambiance. Throw in some Roman ruins, lasting portions of the city's medieval walls, a slew of fantastic museums, oodles of terrace cafés and a veritably frenetic nightlife and you have yourself Alicante's endlessly fascinating El Barrio!

museumWith the passage of time, this old quarter of Alicante at one time fell into major decline. The old buildings and streets were deteriorating and it began to take on a reputation as a dangerous and marginal area. Well those days are long gone- a few decades ago the City Hall launched a major rehabilitation plan, resulting in the major clean-up and renovation of buildings, lighting, streets and sidewalks. Now it's the absolute place to be for tourists and locals alike, who are drawn to the labyrinth of picture-perfect streets with its plazas, fountains and terrace cafés.

museum la lonjaFrom the cultural offerings like the La Asegurada and the Fine Arts Museums down the line to the infinitely interesting smaller, unique museums like the Nativity Scene Museum, you can nurture an old interest or discover a brand new one! Plus, for a genuine one-of-a-kind movie experience, on the off chance that you encounter one of Alicante's almost non-existent rainy afternoons, the Astoria has the style and atmosphere of the 1930's cinema that it is.

Where to experience culture in Alicante's El Barrio:

-Museo de Cerámica (Ceramics Museum)
-Pozos Garrigos (Garrigos Wells)
-Museo de la Asegurada (La Asegurada Museum)
-Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina (Gravina Fine Arts Museum)
-Museo de Belenes (Nativity Scene Museum)
-Centro Municipal de las Artes (Municipal Center of the Arts)

Movie Theaters

-Conservatorio Municipal de Música y Danza Vicente Lillo

-Centro 14