Architecture in Alicante, Spain

gothic architectureGothic Architecture
The Christianization of the formerly Moorish kingdoms, as you can very well imagine, sparked quite the make-over in every facet of life and culture: religion, art, government and yes, architecture. As happened throughout the formerly Islamic lands, the great mosque of Alicante was torn down to make way for an immense church symbolically built right upon its foundation; in Alicante's case, this church- the city's oldest- is the Iglesia de Santa María.
While the façade is Baroque due to a fire, the interior of Iglesia de Santa María is classic Mediterranean Gothic- a style which seeks to create open space whereas its Castilian counterpart looks to achieve soaring heights. Some Gothic elements to look for in the Iglesia de Santa María is the single nave,the brilliant arches, the cross-shaped vaults and the plethora of chapels around its periphery which allowed for multiple simultaneous celebrations.