Bullfights in Alicante, Spain


In a country in which bullfights are an intrinsic part of its culture, bullfighters find themselves amongst the country's most sought-after celebrities and bullrings compose a part of its landscape, Alicante's famed Plaza de Toros is one of Spain's oldest bullrings still in use. Summer after summer since 1847, cheering crowds have packed into the historic venue for exhilarating bullfights.

A bullfight, to bullfighting aficionados, is not a sport but rather a traditional and carefully structured cultural event, so before you head blindly into the Plaza de Toros, learn all about the history, traditions and protagonists of bullfighting fame in the Plaza de Toros' museum.
Plaza de Toros de Alicante
Plaza de España, 7-8
Tlf: 965 21 72 13