Tram System in Alicante, Spain

Grab your beach bag and your towel, because getting to the various beaches in and around Alicante has never been so simple. In 2003, the city, along with the Valencian railway company FGV (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana), inaugurated Alicante's urban tram system. The above-ground tram connects the Alicante harbor- via the Estación de la Marina- with the northern Alicante suburb of El Campello. Hugging the 16 kilometers of coastline between the two destinations, the tram is a convenient, wallet-friendly, and extremely scenic way to travel between Alicante and various points to the north. Plus, the myriad of stops along the way make for easy access to the area's beaches and towns.

Estación de la Marina

Avenida Villajoyosa, 2
FGV/Tram Information: Tlf: 900 72 04 72