Explanada, Alicante- Culture

Practically synonymous with the Mediterranean atmosphere and culture of Alicante is the city's Explanada. Originally constructed to cheer up the space left by the destruction of the city's wall, this wide pedestrian promenade is perhaps Alicante's most characteristic and beloved landmark. The thousands of colorful marble tiles that compose the walkway swirl about just like the waves of the sea, while 400 towering palm trees provide shade and a delightful Mediterranean ambiance.

Day and night, the always atmospheric Explanada attracts people from all walks of life who come to meet up with friends, to browse the hippie market, to check out the stylings of the municipal band who plays each Sunday in the outdoor auditorium, or to simply indulge in a relaxing stroll. Take a seat in one of the terrace cafés along its edge, great for people-watching and breathing in that fresh sea air- plus, the view of the harbor along which the Explanada runs isn't too bad either!

Also of note is the area right by the Explanada better known as "La Zona" (The Zone), hotspot of youth nightlife, where each night you can find hordes of young people spilling out the doors of clubs, bars and cafés.

Where to experience culture around Alicante's Explanada:

Music Venues
-Auditorio La Concha (La Concha Auditorium)
-Coyote Puerto

Movie Theaters
-Sede Ciudad de Alicante de la UE