Night Clubs in Alicante, Spain

disco ballAfter a few hours checking out Alicante's vibrant bar scene, a popular way to make the night last for as long as possible is to head to one of the city's night clubs, otherwise known as "discotecas." So brace yourself for the blaring music, the flashing lights, and the unwavering energy of the alicantinos, and dance the night away!
Pachá Explanada
Explanada de España, 28
Di Roma
Centro Comercial Panoramis
965 14 00 47
Discoal, S.A.
c/ San Fernando, 37
965 21 06 46
Discoteca Z Klub
c/ Coloma, 3
965 98 01 36
Discoteca Limusín
c/ Navas, 12
965 29 12 36