Rambla de Méndez Nuñez and Modern Alicante- Culture

ramblaOutside El Barrio and in the area surrounding the Rambla de Méndez Núñez. This major economic, financial and cultural axis of Alicante runs along the site where the city's wall- built in 1536- once stood. Now, the Rambla de Méndez Núñez and its surroundings are constantly buzzing with the energy of a truly modern metropolis, with major stores, banks, businesses and cafeterías.

As for modern Alicante's cultural offerings, there's a bit of everything! It is home to an impressive museum dedicated to Alicante's rich ancient history as well as one celebrating Las Hogueras, Alicante's biggest and most famous festival. Rounding off the cultural scene are a hodgepodge of theatres, movie theatres and a variety of venues for music and sports. So join the animated crowd for a late night bullfight or go out for an evening at the opera.

Where to experience culture in Alicante´s Rambla de Méndez Núñez and Beyond:

-Museo de Las Hogueras (Hogueras Museum)
-MARQ (Archaeological Museum)

-Teatro Principal
-Teatro Arniches

Movie Theaters
-Cines Ana

Sports Venues
-Plaza de Toros (Bullring)

Music Venues
-Plaza de Toros (Bullring)
-Sala Stereo